Senior Life Insurance

Austin, Texas Life Insurance

No matter your age, life insurance is an effective plan to keep your family safe. Occasionally the unthinkable happens and you'll need to be able to help your loved ones with extra stability when it does. Contact Reap Financial to learn more about our life insurance services.

How Does Life Insurance Work?

Life insurance is an agreement linking an individual and an insurance company. The customer forfeits a regular amount, referred to as a "premium", commonly, and in exchange the company hands out a cash sum to the designated beneficiary under certain circumstances usually after the policy owner dies.

What is the Difference Between Term, Whole and Universal Life Insurance?

Prior to buying life insurance, learn the differences between term, whole and universal policies. It's good to know the facts about term and whole life insurance.

Term life insurance is not permanent and only needs to be paid for a agreed upon amount of time to benefit your heirs for a set amount of time. Whole and universal life insurance are the two most common kinds of life insurance. They are permanent plans, guaranteed to last the rest of the owner's life. If properly established, there are many benefits to universal or whole policies, such as easy access to needed resources, while also keeping cash value, as it adds to tax-advantaged growth of wealth.

There are perks and downfalls to each kind of policy. The specialists from Reap Financial of Austin will help you decide which policy works best for you and your family.

What You Get from Life Insurance

Your preferences will dictate the best life insurance plan for you and your loved ones. Financial specialists can help you select the best life insurance plan to reach your goals during the coming years.

Is Life Insurance Necessary?

  • Eliminate the burden of funding funeral arrangements from your loved ones.
  • Afford the needs of kids still living at home.
  • Settle outstanding debts and pay off items such as mortgages.

If you would like to learn more related to life insurance and how it can protect your loved ones, call Reap Financial in Austin now.