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Fixed Annuities Throughout Austin

Are you thinking about what your finances will look like in the future? Do you have a plan for retirement that includes your children's financial future?

It takes a lot of hard work to navigate the world of finances. It can also be stressful to figure out where and when you need to place your hard-earned money. But these are questions that must be asked (and answered) eventually. If you're searching for help finding answer to questions about financial products, such as annuities and life insurance, Reap Financial can offer assistance. As financial professionals, we’ll help you balance your financial future.

One of the exciting financial products that we offer in Austin are fixed annuities. Fixed annuities may be a mystery to the general public. But don't let this dissuade you from pursuing this option. We can teach you about this product and help you determine if it is the best option.

What Are Fixed Annuities?

An annuity, much like life insurance, is a contract between an individual and a financial institution. The owner of the annuity pays a premium that will, at a predetermined date, be returned to the individual in a lump sum or as incremental payments. A fixed annuity includes an interest rate that is locked in (for a certain period of time) when the investment is made. This gives the owner an option that is safe an predictable.

Benefits of Fixed Annuities

Fixed annuities have been touted for years as a effective investment strategy that includes major advantages. Here are a few of them:

  • Security – Unlike some investments, you're certain to have your money returned to you.
  • Tax deferral – Fixed annuities are tax-deferred, which means this money won't be taxed you withdraw your investment.
  • Shelter from creditors – In most situations, creditors are barred from annuity investments. Annuities are safe from probate proceedings.

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