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To Be A Leader

In faculty and graduate school, you'll be in charge of producing research projects or a number of term documents each semester. These initiatives will demand one to investigate unique sources of info then provide the outcome--with your conclusions about them. While you research, you may encounter resource content that is not inside the kind of…
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Is Self-Service Good Service?

Have you ever asked customer service representatives a “yes” or “no” question, only to hear them dance around the answer just to avoid telling you “no”? For some, it seems the strategy in customer service is to “never say ‘no’ without offering a ‘yes’ at the same time.”   [CLICK HERE to read the article,…
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What’s Your EQ?

The study of “emotional intelligence” began in the 1980s as a way to measure one’s ability to identify and manage both his or her own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.   In the business world, people with high emotional intelligence, known as a high EQ (emotional quotient) are known to be more…
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Independence, Interdependence Go Hand in Hand

The interdependence a steady job provides makes it difficult to just up and leave.   The company you work for relies on you to provide your expertise, and in return, you are compensated with pay and other benefits. Each party relies on the other, which means you can’t go willy-nilly quitting your job to start…
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