Circle of Friends

Circle of Friends

The real tragedy of the financial crisis we face today in our country is when people we care about are personally affected. Unfortunately, many times this could have been prevented with some good financial advice that emphasizes safety and preservation followed by reasonable growth.

Perhaps someone you know could use some sound financial guidance to get through these troubling times. At REAP Financial, we encourage our clients to reach out to their “Circle of Friends”. This program is designed to work hand in hand with our existing clients, encouraging them to bring a family member, friend, co-worker or neighbor to a financial seminar that offers real answers for retirement planning.

At each seminar titled “Retirement, Ready or not.” we discuss the current crisis, what to expect over the next several years and strategies for regaining losses and bullet-proofing a nest egg for the future. This is specifically designed for baby boomers who are now planning their retirement.

At REAP Financial we consider a referral the greatest compliment we could ever receive. Our clients ‘Circle of Friends’ are essential in building our business, however we promise to do our best to always put our clients’ interest first and this goes for their friends and family as well.

Call our office soon to request more information on this rewarding ‘Circle of Friends’ Program.