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Austin, Tx Fixed Index Annuities

You have many years ahead of you, including lots of time after you retire. Now is the time to start preparing for the future and improving your future security. Fixed index annuities are a solution that makes sense for our clients in Tx.

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What Are Fixed Index Annuities?

There are differences, both large and small, between fixed index annuities, life insurance, IRAs, and other types of annuity investments. But in the end, they all have similar goals: to ensure financial security for you and/or your family.

Before we describe fixed index annuities, we will talk a little bit about annuities in general. Basically, there are four types of annuities: fixed, immediate, variable, and fixed index annuity. All of them share certain attributes. At the base level, they operate as a contract between an individual and a financial institution. The person pays a premium that will, at a predetermined date, be returned back to the individual in a lump sum or as incremental payments. All money placed into an annuity is tax-deferred.

But what separates fixed index annuities from other long-term investments? This type of annuity is directly connected to a specific financial index, like Nasdaq. With a flexible interest rate, there is more inherent risk with these annuities, in addition to with the possibility for a higher rate of return. Many investments offer little more than a return of your premium along with a small amount of interest. Fixed index annuities have the potential to earn a solid interest rate without major stock market risks.

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