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Life Insurance Selections

REAP Financial is the life insurance expert across the Round Rock area. After learning your special situation, we can help you select the best option. Guarantee some extra stability to your family by talking to us today.

What Does Life Insurance Do?

Life insurance is a contract connecting a policy holder and an insurance company. The customer pays a specified payment, called a "premium", more often, and in exchange the company pays a lump amount to the policy holder's beneficiary under certain conditions most often after the policy owner dies.

Which Life Insurance Policy is Right?

Commonly there are 3 kinds of life insurance to purchase: term, whole and universal. When it comes to the difference between term vs. whole life insurance, it's essential to know the facts.

Term life insurance is short-term and only requires payment for a specific amount of time to benefit your survivors for a set amount of time. Conversely, whole and universal life insurance policies are more stable. They last the duration of the policy owner's life and offer advantages such as easy access to savings, cash value and tax-advantage expansion to develop your assets.

There are advantages and disadvantages to every variety of policy. The professionals from REAP Financial of Round Rock will help you figure out which policy works best for you.

What You Get from Life Insurance

Your preferences will decide the most fitting life insurance plan for you and your family. This is why partnering with an experienced financial adviser is necessary.

Why Should You Have Life Insurance?

  • Remove the burden of paying for funeral costs for your family.
  • Covers any living children or dependents at home.
  • Settle remaining debts and finish off items such as mortgages.

These are only a portion of the reasons why you should purchase life insurance. Learn more by talking to a life insurance expert at REAP Financial for a no cost life insurance consultation.