Senior Life Insurance

Life Insurance from Reap Financial

Regardless of how old you are, life insurance is an effective way to keep your family safe. Sometimes the unthinkable happens and you will need to be able to help your family with extra resources when it does. Contact Reap Financial to learn more about our life insurance products.

What Does Life Insurance Do?

Life insurance is a contract linking an individual and an insurance company. The policy holder forfeits an agreed upon payment, called a "premium", on a regular basis, and in exchange the company hands out a lump sum to the designated beneficiary under certain conditions usually at the policy owner's time of death.

Which Life Insurance Policy is Right?

There are 3 kinds of life insurance to purchase: term, whole and universal. When it comes to the difference between term vs. whole life insurance, it's good to know the truth.

Term life insurance means you only send in money for a set period of time, and the benefit to your beneficiaries lasts only for a temporary period. On the other hand, whole and universal life insurance policies are more stable. They last the span of the policy owner's life and offer perks like simple access to savings, cash value and tax-advantage expansion to add to your wealth.

There are pros and cons to every kind of life insurance policy. Contact any of our insurance specialists of Round Rock to find out which life insurance plan is best for you.

What You Get from Life Insurance

Every retirement planning strategy has its share of pros and cons depending on every client's specific history. Financial specialists will help you choose the best life insurance plan to match your retirement dreams over the next few decades.

Is Life Insurance Necessary?

  • Your family can pay for funeral costs without draining their resources.
  • Afford the needs of dependents still living at home.
  • Cover mortgages and other outstanding expenses.

If you want to find out more about life insurance and how it protects your family, reach out to Reap Financial of Round Rock soon.