Life Insurance

Westlake, Tx Life Insurance

Want to buy life insurance but don't know which plan you should choose? Speak with our life insurance specialists in Westlake today. In order to choose the option that works best for you, we will take your specific situation into account. Secure your financial future. Please call us today.

What's Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and a customer. The insurance company agrees pays a lump sum to a beneficiary in the event of the policyholder's death in return for scheduled payments, or premium.

Term, Whole & Universal Life Insurance

Term life insurance means you only pay for a specific time frame and the benefits last for a certain times.

Conversely, whole and universal life insurance are both permanent, guaranteed for the entire duration of the owner's life. If set up correctly, these life insurance plans provide simple access to needed funds, while providing tax-advantaged wealth growth.

You will find benefits to every type of life insurance. To learn which life insurance solution will work best for you, speak with our insurance professionals in Westlake.

How does life insurance compare to other investment options?

Every investment plan has its pros and cons depending on each client’s particular financial circumstance. This is why working with an experienced financial professional is a necessity.

Who Needs Life Insurance?

The simple answer? Everyone needs life insurance.

Why Should You Buy Life Insurance?

  • Funerals cost tens of thousands of dollars. Why place that burden on your family?
  • To pay for the expense of children still living at home.
  • Paying off mortgages and other debts.

These are just some of the reasons to get life insurance. Talk to a REAP Financial life insurance professional today to learn more.